Targeted Banner Ads

Oct 24, 2014 3:59 pm

Freedom offers the ability to display banner ads only on specific webpages or categories. These can be categories of webpages, news, events, blogs or custom directories. Here are the steps to create a targeted banner position:

  1. In the Green interface, go to Layouts > Widgets.
  2. Create a new widget of the type "Banner Ad".
  3. Name the widget according to the position the banner ads will occupy on the website.
  4. Click the Add Category button to add a new banner ad category. This category represents the position where the targeted ads will go, so it could be named something like, Right_Column or Footer_Left. Make sure there are no spaces in the category's name.
  5. After creating the new category, make sure it is selected in the Category dropdown list.
  6. Choose whether you want clicks on the banner ad to open its URL in a new window by default.
  7. Once the widget and banner ad category have been created, go to Configuration and edit Targeted Positions.
  8. Add the name of the new category in the Targeted Positions text box. Separate multiple categories with spaces (this is why the category name cannot have spaces in it).

Now, follow these steps to make use of the newly created banner ad position:

  1. Think through which pages and categories you want to have different banner ads on.
  2. In Blue > Banner Ads, create a different category for each different banner that you want to appear on a specific webpage or webpage (or news, events, blog...) category.
  3. Go to the webpage or category on which you want to put a specific ad.
  4. Click the Add a new Module button.
  5. In the pop-up window, set the Position field to the category that you added to the Targeted Positions in Configuration.
  6. Set the Banner Group field to the banner ad category that you want to appear on that webpage or webpage category.
  7. Click Save.