May 17, 2014 4:26 pm

Here are the steps to set up a Banner Ad:

1. Make sure that you have the image that you are wanting to use as the banner.

2. Go to the Blue Interface.

3. Click on the Banner Ads Module.

4. First- Create a Category.
Click Add a new Category and give it a name.

5. Second- Create a Client (this allows you to know which banner goes to which client, when you have multiple banner adds on your site.)
Click Add a new Client, then enter your clients Name, Contact, and email.

6. Click the Banners tab.

7. Add a new Banner.

8. Set the Category to the newly created category.

9. Set the Client to the newley created Client.

10. Enter in a Discription of the Banner Ad.

Example: Boat_Sale (usually the name helps describe where you are going to place it on the website)

11. Select what type of image.

12. Click- through URL: (This allows the banner to be clickable and to what link it links to.)

13. Upload your image. then set your dimensions.

14. Click Save

15. Switch to the Green Interface.

16. Go to the Layouts Module.

17. Click the Widgets tab

18. Add a new Widget

19. click Add link next to the Banner Ad.

20. Name the widget.

21. "Position" needs to be the same as the category that you created. (This connects the banner ad to the tag.)

22. Now go to the Pages tab

23. Select the page layout you want the banner add to appear in.
Example: [Home]

24. Place your cursor where you would want the banner ad to appear.

25. Click the insert widget tool button.

26. Select your newly created tag.
Example: [[widget.Boat_Sale_banner]]

27. Save the page layout. The banner ad category should now appear on your website.