Adding a banner ad

Apr 20, 2014 11:14 am

To add a banner ad:

  1. Click the Add a new Banner Ad button.
  2. Select a category for the new banner ad. Categories are generally created by the site administrator, and determine the placement of ads on the webpage.
  3. Specify a client. New banner ad clients may be added through the Add Client button, or the Clients tab.
  4. Enter a brief description of the banner ad.
  5. Specify the type of banner ad that is being added. Freedom allows users three options: upload banner ad graphics directly to the system; use the Remote Image URL option to pull banners from another site, third-party banner systems, URL/tracking devices, or another location where the banner is being stored; or enter HTML for the banner ad, including both Flash files and HTML formatting.
  6. Enter a click-thru URL, which is the URL the visitor will be directed to when he or she clicks on the banner ad.
  7. Depending on the type of banner, upload an image, enter the remote image URL, or enter the HTML for the ad. If you are uploading an image, you may manually enter a width and height in pixels in the fields below to specify a size; otherwise, the system will autopopulate these fields.
  8. Specify if the click-thru URL should open in a new window. If the ad does not open in a new window, browsers may be directed away from your website when the banner ad is clicked.
  9. Select if the ad should be active or not. Inactive ads will not be displayed on the live website until they are activated.
  10. Enter a start and end date for the banner ad. If dates are not specified, the banner will display indefinitely.
  11. Enter a display time for the banner ad. The ad will rotate to another banner ad in the same category after the specified number of seconds. A time of 0 will result in a static banner ad, which will only change after the page is refreshed.
  12. Click Save.