Steps to allow anonymous blog submissions in 6.9 development releases

Apr 14, 2011 9:56 am

These are the instructions on how to allow anonymous blog submissions using the workflow module.

1. Go to the blog module settings and set "allow anonymous blog submissions" to yes.

2. Next, go to Blue and click on the workflow module. Edit the membership group "anonymous"

3. Select a user from the security module to be the gatekeeper of anonymous blog submissions. This person will receive notifications every time someone submits something anonymously. They then have the option to allow or deny the submission.

4. Go to your Blog lister layout and in the body section, click the insert a tag button. Select [[add_url]] to paste it in your layout.

5. Wrap the [[add_url]] in a html link tag.

6. When someone click this link on the live site, they will be taken to a page to add a new blog as if they were accessing it from the myaccount section, only they will be anonymous. The security user specified in the workflow module will then be able to accept or deny the blog. Using workflow, you can also send comments back to the original submitter that will go to the submitter's email.