Adding a blog entry

Apr 20, 2014 11:21 am

To add a new blog entry:

  1. Click on the Add a new Entry button in the Blogs tab.
  2. From the Category drop-down list, create a new category or select a category or select one for the entry. Categories can help list and organize your entries.
  3. In the Title field enter a brief descriptive headline for the blog entry.
  4. Enter the article authorís name in the Author field.
  5. Specify the date and time when the blog entry should appear on the live site. The default setting will publish the blog when it is saved.
  6. In the Tags field, enter short descriptive terms related to the blog entry. Multiple terms may be entered, separated by commas.
  7. In the Blurb field, enter introductory information for the blog. If this field is left blank some configurations will display the first words of the blog as the blurb. Contact your system administrator to set this value to 0 for the Blog feature if you do not want any of the body information to appear as a blurb.
  8. In the Blog Entry field, enter the text of the new entry. The content may be copied from a separate document, or the new text may be entered directly into the field. For information about using the text editor to enter information for the blog, see Using the Text Editor.
  9. Meta info may be entered to help search engines identify the topic and information contained in the blog. Multiple keywords may be entered, with commas in between each keyword. A longer description of several sentences may be added as well.
  10. Click Save.