Editing a file added to the Document Manager

Apr 20, 2014 12:09 pm

Clicking Edit next to a file name in the Document Storage module allows you to change the status of the file.

  • File Info displays general information about the file, including its name, size, upload date and link location.
  • Display name shows the name of the document you are editing. To change the document's name, highlight the text and type in the new one.
  • The Category dropdown list lets you select what category the file should be included in. If you would like to create a new category from this screen, click Add and follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Checking the Public box will make the file public so anyone on the Internet can download it. If you would like to provide the file to another person, you can provide them with the link shown in the File Info section. Entering this link
  • Checking the Versions box allows you to upload multiple versions of the same file without overwriting the original. If the box is checked, when a file is uploaded with the same file name as a previously uploaded file, the Document Storage module will list the file as Version 2 (or the next-highest number), and the original will not be deleted from the system. Versions can be viewed and managed on the Versions subtab.
  • Checking the Lock File box will lock the file so that no other users can upload on top of it. If this box is checked, another administrator will not be able to upload a newer version of the same file to the Document Storage module.
  • The Metadata text field allows users to manually index binary files. You can add keywords describing the file so they can be searched for in the future using the Search field. This feature makes searching for files easier.
  • The Comments text field allows you to enter comments about the file. This can include reminders or information about the file that you or other administrators may want to see in the future.
  • You can enter an email address in the Email Notification field to cause the system to send an automated email message to this address every time a new version of the file is uploaded. This creates another level of security.