Setting up a Donation Campaign

Apr 20, 2014 12:22 pm

You can set up donation campaigns using Freedom's Commerce Module, PayPal, or both. For information about setting up payment processors, please contact your system administrator.

To create a donation campaign:

  1. Open the Donations Module
  2. Click on the green Add Donation Campaign button
  3. In the Name field, name the new campaign
  4. For Category select a category. If there are no categories to select here, leave this dialog and switch to the Categories tab to create them
  5. For Credit Card Form, select a form that should be used to collect credit card information from donators.
  6. If you don't want to accept credit cards, select "(Do Not Accept Credit Card Payments)."
  7. If you want to collect credit card information but there are no credit cards in this list, contact your system administrator.
  8. In the Start Date and End Date fields, you can specify start and end dates for the campaign. The campaign will only appear on the live website between the set dates.
  9. Enter a Goal Amount, which is how much money you hope to raise for the campaign. This will determine how the progress thermometer looks.
  10. Enter a Current Amount. If you don't want to start at zero, change this to some other number.
  11. Enter a description of the campaign. This will appear on the live website, describing the purpose of the campaign.
  12. Click OK. The campaign will be created, and will appear on the live website (unless its start date is some time in the future).