Events > Reports > Fields are out of order in the report, why?

Jun 23, 2014 4:18 pm

The reports sub-tab within the Events Module is designed to provide simple reporting for end users. Advanced reporting can be accomplished with the Reports module.

The way the simple reports are created are as follows:

Standard Event form fields are set in a specific order and cannot be re-ordered (First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, etc.). They will always show up first.

Custom fields can be created and re-ordered while editing the event ticket, but will not show up as available checkboxes in the reports sub-tab, until an attendee fills out the ticket form.

When an attendee fills out the ticket form with a custom field(s), the custom field(s) are then set in that placement for the reports sub-tab, and cannot be changed.


If an event ticket form is filled out by an attendee with the field order as:

First Name, Last Name, Color 1, Color 2

Then the field order of the ticket form is changed to be First Name, Last Name, Color 2, Color 1; The report for that attendee will still be rendered as:

First Name, Last Name, Color 1, Color 2

So, if a specific order for Event reports is desired, the ticket form fields must be set up in the exact order you want the report to show, BEFORE any attendee is has submitted a form to the event...Otherwise, the ordering will be inaccurate.