Allowing PayPal payments for events

May 26, 2014 10:59 am

Paypal offers a very simple way to let web visitors pay for event registration without actually setting up a gateway for your client. With PayPal, event registration will be driven through the Shopping Cart, so an item needs to be added. To add an event registration item to the shopping cart:

1. Make sure the Commerce module is turned on, Accept Paypal option is enabled, and an IPN Paypal address is entered into the configuration.
2. Create an event and an event registration form. Or add one from the Template Library.
3. Add a new Field. The field type will be "Commerce" and the Unique ID is "add".
4. The input method can be hidden, or combo box if there are ticket options.
5. Give the field a label, alert message if required and a default value if desired.
6. The Options List requires SKU, CommerceName, Price, qty, weight, taxable, taxrate, surcharge and name shown in form in the format below:

SKU | CommerceName | Price | qty | weight | taxable | taxrate | surcharge, name shown in form
Here is an example:

12345|EventTicket|10|1|0|n|0.0|0, Ticket to the Event $10

If the "add" field is hidden, the visitor will be taken to the Shopping Cart when the RSVP form is filled out. If the "add" field is a combobox, multiple items can be add (line seperated in te Options List).

Please note that this method will not add attendees to the Events Module. All transactions will be tracked in the commerce module, so attendees can be manually added to an event registration attendees list.