Creating membership records for attendees

Apr 20, 2014 12:54 pm

If your site is using the Membership Module, you can create membership records from selected event attendees. There are a number of reasons for doing this, including to send broadcast emails to attendees reminding them about the upcoming event or to provide logins so attendees can access password-protected information about the event.

To create membership records for attendees:

  1. Go to the Events Module.
  2. Edit the event whose attendees you want to create membership records for.
  3. Open the Attendees subtab.
  4. There is a checkbox for each attendee in the list, just to the right of the Edit link. Check one attendee's checkbox.
  5. Above the attendee list, three buttons will appear. Check the rest of the attendees you'd like to create membership records for.
  6. Click the Create Membership Records button.
  7. Click OK in the confirmation box that appears. The membership records will be created. You will see a green circle in the "Member" column of the attendee list, and you can view these new membership records by visiting the Membership Module.