Managing attendees

Apr 20, 2014 12:51 pm

When using event registration, you can view a list of attendees and edit information about each attendee. Each event has a separate attendee list, which you can see when editing the event. On the Attendee subtab you can also create new attendees, for example if someone registers for the event by phone as has to be added manually.

To view the attendee list and edit an attendee's information:

  1. Go to the Events Module and edit the event you would like to manage attendees for.
  2. Switch to the Attendees tab. You will see a list of the attendees who are currently registered for the event.
  3. To view or change information on a single attendee, click the Edit link next to his/her name.
  4. A screen appear that shows you all the information about the attendee, including the person's name and email, the number of people attending, the price paid, and the payment and registration statuses.
  5. Add or change information as needed, then click Save.