Allowing coupons and gift cards

Apr 20, 2014 12:49 pm

You can add special fields to event registration forms so site visitors can enter coupon or gift card codes and apply these discounts to the price of the tickets.

Before adding one of these fields to a form, you need to create either a coupon or a gift card on the Discounts tab of the Commerce Module. For more information on setting these up, see the Commerce Module documentation. Please note that coupons cannot use conditions to apply to event tickets. When adding a coupon in the Commerce Module, the "Conditions" setting must be "(Apply to all items)."

To add a coupon or gift card field:

  1. In the Events Module, edit the event whose registration form you would like to add the discount field to.
  2. Switch to the Registration subtab.
  3. Edit the registration form you would like to add the field to.
  4. Click the Add a new Field button.
  5. For Field Type, select Events.
  6. For Unique ID, select either Coupon or Giftcard.
  7. For Input Method, select Textbox.
  8. Give the field a label, such as "Coupon" or "Gift Card."
  9. Make sure the "Required" option is set to No.
  10. Save the new field. A text box allowing site visitors to enter either a coupon or gift card code has been added to the registration form, and, if a correct code is entered, the discount will apply to the ticket price.