How to Create a New Event (10.6+)

Jan 26, 2016 3:31 pm

This tutorial will show you how to setup a new Event using the new Ticket Types feature. This pertains to newer versions of Freedom (10.6+).

Step 1: Create a New Event

Go to > Operations > Events > Create a New Event > Fill in your Category, Start Date, & End Date

Set your Detail Information for the Event > Save

Step 2: Registration Form

In the Registration Form sub-tab you can add/edit the fields you want present in all Registration Forms. Freedom provides a Default Registration Form called, "Standard RSVP" which contains the fields for the user Registration's Name, Email, Address, and Credit Card fields.

Step 3: Ticket Types

In the Tickets sub-tab you can create multiple "Ticket Types". These Ticket Types will use the Registration Form created in Step (2). The Ticket Types give you the freedom to create multiple types of ways to register for the event based on the Registration Form.

For example, you can create one ticket type and call it, "Early Bird Registration" that has a discounted price. This Ticket Type would only be available for a certain period of time.

Next, you can create another Ticket Type and call it, "Standard Registration" that has the 'normal' price of the Event ticket. This Ticket Type would become available after the "Early Bird Registration" Ticket Type expires.

When a Ticket Type is available (has a Start Date that is on or before the current date) it will show up on the live website as an option to register:

As you can see in the two above image examples the "Early Bird" ticket type is set to be available, however the "Standard Registration" is not available yet. Thus, it doesn't show as an option to register on the live website.