Rules for Form Emails - Notifications and Confirmations

Dec 2, 2014 10:07 am

Note: The following rules apply to Freedom version 9.6.002+.

When a visitor to a Freedom website submits a form, there are two emails that Freedom can send out automatically:

  1. A "Notification Email," which can notify a website administrator that there was a submission. This is turned on or off in the form's configuration settings, in the Options section.

  2. A "Confirmation Email" (or "Thank You Email") that is sent to the person who filled out the form.
    This can be turned on or off in the "Thank You Email" section of the form's configuration settings.


When one of these emails is sent, it has a "To," a "From" and a "Reply To" email address, and also a "From Name." Here are the two emails that are sent out, and what email addresses from Freedom are used. Refer to the three items below for a description of where each email address comes from.

Notification Email

  • To: SETUP
  • From: CONFIG
  • Reply To: SUBMITTED

Confirmation (Thank You) Email

  • From: CONFIG
  • Reply to: SETUP

SUBMITTED: This is the Email field in the form submission itself. For the "From Name" of the email, Freedom will use the Name field, or a combination of the First and Last Name fields. If these fields do not exist on the form, Freedom will pull the "From" name from the first part of the Email Address. i.e., would be ""

SETUP: This is the Email address Notification field in Form's configuration settings; If this is blank, Freedom will use the CONFIG email address below.

CONFIG: This is the Website Email Address and Website Email From Name fields in Green > Configuration.