Is your Blue > Forms > Submissions Tab Not Loading? You have been spammed!

Sep 26, 2014 4:27 pm

Recently we had an issue where an SP was unable to view their Forms Submissions tab. When they tried to view the submissions tab, their browsers were crashing. The reason this was happening is that spammers like to try to submit various HTML and Javascript snippets into comments boxes. When the blue-facing form submissions lister tries to display these snippets alongside the name and/or email, the lister breaks. The remedy to this issue is quite simple - remove the comments section from the display field of the relevant form.

The steps to fix this issue are listed below.

1. Navigate to the Web Forms tab of the Forms module. This may not be doable the normal way in the site experiencing the issues due to the fact that the default tab which displays when you click the Forms module link causes the browser to crash. In this case, you should paste the following url into your browser: The Xs represent the asoft number of your website and will need to be replaced. This url will take you directly to the web forms tab of the Forms module, bypassing the tab which crashes the browser. You should find yourself at a page which looks like this:

2. Determine which form is trying to display the comments. In the case which we resolved for the SP, the form was 'Contact Us'. This may take some trial and error on your part to determine which form field is causing the issue. Once you have determined which form is causing the issue, click the Edit link next to it. Now click the 'Edit Form Configuration' button near the top right. You will be taken to a page which looks like this:

You will notice the textbox 'Display Fields'. This is the section of interest - it controls what is displayed by the blue-facing lister. You can see the comments section has been included. Delete it and save. Now when you go back to the blue submissions lister you will be able to see the
submissions which have come in.

When the issue is fixed, a submission which looks like this:

will be displayed like this in the blue submissions lister as such:

One final note: it may not explicitly be a comments form field breaking the lister - spammers will try to populate any textarea form field with unruly HTML/Javascript. Therefore the second step may take some trial and error if you have several publicly accessible forms with textarea fields on your live site.