Collecting eChecks

May 26, 2014 11:44 am

Accrisoft Freedom has the capability of accepting and sending eChecks payments to a payment gateway.

To allow eCheck payments to process through a gateway, a form must be set up with specific fields. Below is a list of requirements and configurations that need to be done to process eChecks with a gateway.

The form needs fields with the Field Type "eCheck," which you can select using the Field Type drop-down list when adding a new field.

The following eCheck fields must be added:

  • method*
  • bank_aba_code**
  • bank_name
  • bank_acct_name
  • bank_acct_num
  • bank_acct_type***
  • gateway
  • total_payment

*If only eChecks are accepted, then this can be hidden. However, the value must say eCheck regardless:

**The aba_code is the same at the account's rounting number.

***The account type must use specific values for savings and checking: