Using the Forms Module to collect credit cards

May 26, 2014 11:36 am

Can I use the Forms Module to collect credit cards?
Yes, the Forms Module can collect credit card information. However, you would need to process credit card payments manually if you're not running an Unlimited license, you will not have access to a payment gateway.

The Forms Module is designed to easily collect any information desired from the live site and store this collected information in the Blue Interface. Since a payment gateway is not being used to secure the credit card information, the main concern becomes security for the client. You would need to make sure that the form that is created is secure.

Please note that when using a form to collect credit card information, certain items are intentionally left out of the form submission notification email sent to the form administrator, for example the expiration date and the full card number. This is by design, since transmitting credit card details via email is not secure or compliant with industry standards. However, all these details are available to users with the relevant permissions when logging into the Blue interface and viewing the form submissions.

By default, only the last four digits of a credit card number are viewable in the Blue interface form submissions. To make the full credit card number viewable for a particular user, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the site and navigate to the Green interface.
  2. Navigate to the Security module.
  3. Select the "Groups" tab.
  4. Find the group of which the user is a member and edit it.
    vLocate the setting labeled "View Credit Card" and change the option to "Yes, view full credit card numbers", then click the "Save" button.

NOTE: It is a good idea to review the group's members and ensure that they all should be allowed this permission; if not, then a new group should be created for this purpose, and the users who need to view full credit card numbers should then be added to the new group.