Adding static text to forms

May 26, 2014 11:28 am

The Forms Module allows you to Create many different types of fields to collect information (text fields to collect standard text, checkboxes and radio buttons for options, file uploads, etc), but you can also add a static field to add text to a form. Static fields contain free-form HTML or via a WYSIWYG editor. These fields do not collect form information; rather, they are used to include hidden fields or provide instructions and information to a form.

Let's say you want to provide instructions, at the top of the form, on how to fill out a form.

  1. Edit the form you want to add the instructions to.
  2. Click Add a New Field.
  3. Select "Static" for the Field Type.
  4. Then Select "HTML in a Table Cell" for Input Method. You will then see a WYSIWYG editor and whatever you type in this editor will be placed automatically into an HTML table cell.