Setting up notification emails, confirmation emails, and confirmation pages

Apr 20, 2014 8:33 pm

Notification emails, confirmation emails, and confirmation pages can all be set up by selecting the Edit link next to the form name, then selecting the green Edit button on the Fields subtab main screen. From this screen, you can use the text editor to enter confirmation page text and confirmation email text. Once fields are added to the form, you can use the Display Fields dropdown in the second row of the editor to include display field information, such as name and email address, to personalize your confirmations.

If you choose to send a confirmation email, be sure to check the Send Confirmation Email checkbox in the Confirmation Email section of the screen. Note that to send visitors a confirmation email, the form must ask for the person's email address.

You can also select to have form administrators receive a notification whenever a form submission is received. To do this, click the Send Notification Email checkbox in the Options section when you are configuring your form, then select an option from the Send Email To dropdown list and enter a subject line and an email address. You can choose to have multiple people notified of a submission; simply separate email addresses with a comma.