How to Notify A Forum Admin of New Forum Posts

Aug 22, 2014 12:18 pm

Overview: This post will teach you how to setup the Email Notifications to be sent to an admin (or group) to notify them that a new Forum Post has been made.

Step 1 - Email Marketing Module Setup: First you will want to setup a Subscriber's List (Category), a New Campaign to send the New Forum Post Notifications, and the subscribers (Admin(s)) you want the notifications to send to.

For Example:

  1. Go to Silver > Email Marketing > Categories > Add New Category > Call it "Forum Admins"
  2. Go to Silver > Email Marketing > Subscribers > Add a New Subscriber (Admin) > Assign the "Forum Admins" Category to the Admin/Subscriber
  3. Silver > Email Marketing > Campaigns > Create a New Campaign > Call it "New Forum Post!" (for example)
  4. In the New Forum Post Campaign Choose the Subscriber's list you created in Step (1) - "Forum Admins" > Choose "Do not send this campaign right now"
  5. Save

Step 2 - Social Module Setup: Next you will need to configure the Social Module to enable and connect the Email Marketing Campaign created in (Step 1) to "Notify email subscribers of site updates"

  1. Go to Silver > Social > Networks > Setup sub-tab > Choose YES for the "Notify email subscribers of site updates" Option

  2. Go to Silver > Social > Activity > Setup sub-tab > [x] Enable the Forum Notification > Choose the Email Campaign you created in (Step 1) "New Forum Post!" as the Campaign to be used to deliver New Forum Post Notifications.

Note: Forum notifications are sent out on the Cron Job on the hour every hour.

Congratulations! You have now setup your website to send Email Notifications to chosen Admins when new Forum Posts are made from white.