Accrisoft forum theme features

May 8, 2014 6:20 pm

We've added a ton of cool new features to the Accrisoft forum and we constantly making more forum features after feedback to the accrisoft forum theme, in this topic we'll discuss a few of those features and how to use some of them.

Newest member lister, this just a membership lister returning 1 result ordered by join date and then included within the Forum display module (hint* you can click on the blue title bar and it'll bring you to the entire member lister).

The recent activity is a future feature of the forums that we are currently testing and improving and unfortunately is not yet available, stay tuned in the forums and we'll be sure to let everyone know when its available, for the time being the yellow fire icon means a topic is trending (currently trending seems to mean more than 3 replies) and the red icon starburst icon means a post was added within the hour of your page load.

Total topics and replies count is currently javascript but it will be available as a feature soon as well.

Login and quick login bar, the forum theme is uses bootstrap as a framework, and menu is simply a bootstrap component that uses a little help from Accrisoft's membership module to display the correct information if the user is logged in or logged out.

You may have also noticed within that menu is 'quick login', that quick login is also a bootstrap modal and bootstrap styled form controls, the modal is in each page and hidden by default, it's content is the login box that accrisoft forum uses, and the same one if you go to the forum login page, the modal is filled with a Freedom custom login box on each page load so no jquery is required.

The registration page is typical Freedom web form for membership registration, it just uses the forum display type, and has a added 'verified' password field, that also has a little bit extra jquery added to the validation function within the form (spefically the .val() function and just compares both password fields).

The search bar functions just as normal in a default freedom forum theme, except for one thing, the glass icon

If you click this icon it'll .load() the results into another modal so you can quickly go through results without having to literally load each page. Or you can also just click the topic's title link thats on each search bar.

Also available in the default forum theme but just restyled a bit more on this theme is the highlighting of search terms after searching like so.

That explains some of the basics, in the next post I'll highlight some of the new topic/post features, and forum profiles.

May 8, 2014 6:39 pm

To reply or quick reply, that is always the question. Again these features still being refined with more use but I'll cover how they currently work.

We'll start with quick replies ->

Either one of these buttons will open the quick reply modal at anytime, so if your reading a few posts in and you want to reply without having to scroll to the bottom of the page, just click the lightning bolt after each forum post.

The modal's content is the exact same as the reply page, it use the same forum editor to add what's called 'bbcode' markup to the forum posts so you safely add images, links, code tags

like so
and much more without your users having to know html or the risks involved with using html. You can learn more about using the bbcode editor for the forums right here.

Click here or the screenshot above to to view the video
Also note you can move the modal by click and dragging on the header so you can see what the previous post was or what you were replying to. You can also scroll up or down the page by dragging past where the screen currently is positioned.

You can also quote any post at anytime by clicking the blue comment button next to the lightning bolt on each post.

You can subscribe to any thread or unsubscribe to any thread within the topics page (more subscribe features to come).