Setting up Google email

Apr 20, 2014 9:05 pm

The Email tab of the Google module lets you create email accounts, set up account nicknames, and generate email lists. If you'd like to provide an addition email account to an employee, this is the screen on which you provide him or her with an account and an email address.

To add a new account, click the Add a New Email Account button. This will bring up a new screen in which you can set the details for the new account, nickname, or email list. Account Type specifies which type of account you are creating.

There are three types:

  • Account: An actual email account. You may have a limited number of accounts, so contact your site administrator for information about email accounts.
  • Nickname: An email alias. For example, if you create an alias called, customers could send email to this address, and it would be forwarded to your normal email.
  • Email List: A list of email addresses that you can send an email to all at once. Addresses are entered into the Email List field, separated by commas.

Clicking Refresh will refresh the account list.

The Setup Login screen is where you'll enter the administrator email and password that has access provided so it can create email accounts. Please note that only administrator email addresses should be entered into the screen that appears when you click this button.