Adding job-related lookups

Apr 20, 2014 9:35 pm

The Jobs module's Lookups tab allows you to add and save information for job locations, contacts, job types, facilities, statuses, and email addresses.

The job locations subtab lets you organize and group jobs so you can easily add, edit and update job information. For example, you could create a location for each division of your organization, or you could create a different location for each organization that places job opportunity ads on the website.

The contacts subtab allows you to enter contact information for jobs in one location, so you don't need to enter the contact information each time you add a new job to your website. Typically the contact information should be for the Human Resources representative of the organization.

The status subtab allows you to create and edit statuses that are set for jobs. The default statuses are Accept, Reject, Strong, and Weak.

The email subtab is where you can configure the predefined emails that get sent to candidates when they submit a resume, or after reviewing a candidate from the candidates tab.

To add Lookup information, click on the green button on the appropriate subtab and enter the lookup information. The click save, and you will be able to access the lookups from the Job Listing and Candidates tabs.