Adding a job form to a site

Apr 20, 2014 9:32 pm

Job forms are forms created in the Forms module that can be used to allow visitors to apply to a job listing by submitting their resumes. This automates much of the job candidate collection process and reduces the need to collect resumes via mail, phone, or fax.

To set up job forms, you must have the Forms module activated. When a visitor completes a job form, the submitted information appears in the Forms module and also gets added as a new candidate on the Candidates tab of the Jobs module.

To add a new job form, take the following steps:

  1. Open the Forms module
  2. Click on the Web Forms tab
  3. Click the Add a New Web Form button
  4. Enter the appropriate form information for the new job form. Be sure to include the following fields in the form to process information into the Jobs module: First Name, Last Name, Email, Resume. If you are using the forms wizard to build the form, you'll be prompted to add these fields when you select the Jobs field type for the form.
  5. Continue building out the form as needed, then click Save to save the form information.
  6. When you add new jobs, you'll now be able to select this job form from the Form dropdown list.