Managing job candidates

Apr 20, 2014 9:36 pm

Once you've set up a job, you can use the Candidates tab to manage the candidates who have submitted resumes. If you set up forms for these candidates, the candidate resumes are automatically added to the Candidates tab. If you do not use forms, you can manually add candidate information to the Candidates tab.

To manage job candidates, take the following steps:

  1. Click on the Candidates tab.
  2. To change the status of a candidate to keep the candidates organized, click the Edit link, then change the status of the candidate to the appropriate status. New candidates automatically have a status of Submitted when they send in resumes.
  3. To send a notification email to a candidate:
    - Click the Email link for the candidate
    - Make any changes to the candidate information
    - If you want to use one of the predefined email templates, select the email you'd like to send from the Email Templates field. Note that email templates are set up on the Lookups tab by entering a subject line and text in HTML body using the text editor, or in the text body section.
    - Click the Preview button
    - Make any necessary changes to the email message, then, to send the email based on the message you entered, click the Send Email button.