Setting news release and expiration dates

Apr 20, 2014 10:15 pm

News articles can be set to appear on the live site at a specific date and time. Articles can also be removed from live website content automatically, while still remaining accessible in the News Articles Module.

To set a release date and time:

  1. In the Release Date field, enter the date that the news article should be published on the live site in MM/YY/DD format, or select it from the popup calendar.
  2. In the Release Time field, enter the time that the news article should begin displaying on the live site. If left blank, the article will be published on the live site at 12:00 AM on the Release Date.

Setting an expiration date and archiving articles:

  1. Enter an end date for the article in the Expiration Date field to have an article to automatically removed from the website. If you leave this field blank, the article will remain on the live site until it is deleted. When a news article expires, it is removed from the live site and moved to the Archives tab in the News Articles Module.
  2. From the Archives tab, expired articles can be edited, deleted, or restored. Manually deleting an article will completely remove the article from the system. By selecting Restore, the expiration date on an article will be cleared and the article will be place in the list of live articles on the website.