Adding news categories

Apr 20, 2014 10:13 pm

Categories are required for all news articles, and are useful when sorting and displaying various news releases on the live website. Examples of individual categories could include website updates, press releases, organization news, world news, or consumer notices.

To add a news article category:

  1. Click on the Categories tab and take the following steps:
  2. Click on the Add a New Category button.
  3. In the New Category field, enter a unique name for the new category.
  4. If you want a graphic to appear instead of the category name when you or site visitors view the category, click the Choose File button, select the image you want to use for the category, then select the Open button. The path to the image appears in the Upload Image field and the image is uploaded when you click the Add button. When you upload an image for a category, the image will replace the category name on some screens when a visitor views the news article. This means that the image you use for the category should either contain text or some image that adequately describes the category. Also, you still need to enter a descriptive name for the category because the category name is used in the Blue interface to identify the category.
  5. To add the new category, click on the Add button. You will now be able to use this category when adding new news articles.

Note that new categories can be created from the News Articles screen, as well; simply click on the Add button next to the Category dropdown and follow the on-screen prompts.