Adding a news article

Apr 20, 2014 10:11 pm

To add a News Article:

  1. Click on the Add a new News Article button.
  2. Enter a brief yet descriptive headline for the news article in the Headline field.
  3. If you’d like a sub-headline to appear directly below the headline on the news article’s page, enter it in the Sub-headline field.
  4. Select a category for the new news article from the Category dropdown list. Additional news categories may be added in the Categories tab.
  5. Enter the article author’s name in the Author field.
  6. To allow site visitors to contact the author of the article, enter their address in the Email field.
  7. In the Source field, enter the source of the news article. This information can also be set up by your site administrator in the Configuration module, and set to automatically appear in the field.
  8. Enter the news release date and expiration date in the selected fields. Leaving these fields blank will automatically publish the article when it is saved. The article will remain on the live site until it is deleted or an expiration date is entered.
  9. In the Blurb field, enter introductory information for the article. This field can display up to 250 characters, including HTML formatting. If this field is left blank some configurations will display the first words of the news article body as the blurb. Contact your system administrator to set this value to 0 for the News Article feature if you do not want any of the body information to appear as a blurb.
  10. In the Body field, enter the text of the full news item. Note that you can use the text editor to format text or add links, pictures, video or other media.
  11. If the article is copyrighted, or contains copyrighted information, enter it in the Copyright field. If you’re unsure about whether to include this information, it is usually best to do so if the information is available. Copyright information may be set up to display automatically by the site administrator in the Configuration module.
  12. If you’d like the article to display on one scrolling webpage, click on the Single Page Format checkbox. If this box is unchecked, the article may be split into multiple pages with a “More” link.
  13. Click Save News Article to add the news article to your site.