Adding a twitter widget to your freedom website

May 29, 2014 12:59 pm

You can quickly add a twitter feed of any user, favorites, custom search query, and many more options easily and quickly within Freedom using twitters new widget settings.

*Note: Twitter's desktop site is going under UI changes, if you come across something that doesn't match please bump this thread to the top and we'll get it updated -- Thanks!

Let's walk through the steps of setting up a twitter feed with search results for '#SaltwaterFishing' on an example fishing website.

This is what the website looks like now, let's add a twitter widget just to the right of the content.

In a new tab go ahead and open and log into twitter. On the homepage (or any page) you should see an cog in the top right corner that's labeled 'Settings and help', go ahead and click on the cog, then click Settings from the drop down.

Inside the settings page you should see a tab on the left that says 'Widgets', go ahead and click that item.

You should see this page at this point, in here you'll see an example I've already created (but blurred the name out) let's go ahead create a new one by clicking the 'Create' button.

Inside the create a widget page are 5 tabs for configuring your widget, a user timeline widget, favorites, list, and search, and you can edit these settings so the widget matches (or stands out) from your site. At the bottom of this page you can go ahead and hit save/create widget and it should return HTML to copy and paste to your Freedom website just to the right of the button.

Just copy the code into the page layout of your choice and you are all set!

Saving the changes, and clicking the website icon on the top right of Freedom we should see the changes we made and the new twitter feed on the homepage.

Anyone else have any cool twitter widgets or implementations on their site? Let us know, we'd love to see em!

May 29, 2014 3:47 pm

A great way to be able to add a twitter widget like this as a container option is to follow the above steps, but instead of pasting the code into your page layout go to Green > Layouts > Widgets Tab > Add a New Widget > Select HTML Snippet.

You can name this widget "Twitter Widget", paste the code into the editor, and save the widget. Once you have created your widget you can follow the steps from This Forum Post in order to add the widget to theme containers.