Does Accrisoft provide help with HTML / CSS programming?

May 26, 2014 1:20 pm

Can you help me with my HTML/CSS?
While Freedom makes it fast and easy to build and manage full-featured websites, knowledge of HTML and CSS are still required for getting the most out of our software. Our support covers Accrisoft Freedom itself, but unfortunately, we're unable to provide support for writing HTML or CSS.

However, if you need some assistance, we can direct you to the following resources:

1. Training
There are many places on the Web that can answer your HTML and CSS questions. Below are three of our favorites:

a. ($2) produces excellent instructional videos that cover many topics, including HTML and CSS. You can get unlimited access to thousands of videos for $25/month. They are continually creating new videos as new software and technologies emerge.
b. ($2) offers cutting-edge content for web professionals - developers, designers, programmers, freelancers, and site-owners.
c. Tuts Plus ($2) offers a free 30-day video course designed to teach you how to learn HTML and CSS. The videos are informative and very well produced.

2. Professional Services
Our Professional Services department can build your website for you. Just provide us with your design, and we will turn it into a full-featured Freedom site. Please note that this service is not available for modifying existing website code or tweaking part of a website. To get a quote, visit $2

3. The Accrisoft Community
We also have a global network of "Solution Providers" that can partner with you to build your website. They can help you build your website, plus provide support and other services, such as SEO and social media integration. Visit $2 to view a list of select Solution Providers.