Setting up a mobile site as a networked Freedom site

May 26, 2014 3:27 pm

Setting up a mobile site as a networked site is very similar to setting up any regular site or networked site. The network site is easy and quick to set up, but it does require a lot of copying and pasting. It also is very easy to understand and work with. So, this is always a good version for customers that may not want to pay a lot for a mobile version, not very technical, or need one right away.

When you decide that you are ready for a mobile site as a ntworked site, you can send in a request through the support ticket system. We will create the network site for you and your Billing will be updated. This billing change will depend on how much you currently pay for that existing site, normally it just doubles.

if you want to tack Statistics on this network site, than you will needs to create a valid domain name. Example Note: is not a valid domain name. The system will still use the domain name for the parent site, which will cause your Statistics module to not populate, as the data will be populated in the main site's statistics. Remember the log file is based on the domain name so to have separate statistics you need a separate domain name.

To ensure statistics will be tracked separately, point a DNS record to the IP, such as Accrisoft would then setup the server by adding a virtual host that points that to the /mo directory on the server.