Finding and fixing a HURL that is showing the wrong page or content

May 26, 2014 2:15 pm

Sometimes, when using human readable URLs (HURLs) on a website, the HURL formatted link shows the wrong page or wrong formatting/content on the page. Usually, this is a result of either:

  • Another page of content with the same title, such as a copy of a web page in the Web Pages module.
  • A link to the page of content where the full URL is different than another link to the same page of content.

Both can be difficult to track down, but here are some tips to help you find where the issue might be occurring.

First, it is important to understand how HURLs work in Accrisoft Freedom. Usually, a website is set up to use dynamically generated HURLs. You can view how each module generates a HURL by going to the Green interface, Configuration module, Human Readable URLs tab, and clicking the Dynamic subtab.

Next, it is important to understand how the system uses these dynamically generated URLs. When dynamic HURLs are activated, the system runs through each page of the site and generates a HURL for each link it finds. However, as the system finds links and generates HURLs, if it finds a link to content that it has already generated a HURL for, it uses the first link as the source of the HURL. So, any other links to that page in the site will always use the first link it found as the source of the HURL and this can cause issues.

For example, if you have two links on the site to the About Us webpage on the site:


The system may find the first link item first, which does not include any information about the submenu, and uses that link for all HURLs to the About Us page of the site. This can cause issues if you are trying to show a submenu on the About Us webpage with links to other related pages on the site.

Finding a Duplicate Page with the Same Title
This is usually the easiest HURL issue to fix as it is usually caused by another content item in the same module with the same page title. Usually, you can just look in the module where you are having issues with the content, such as the Web Pages module and try to find another page of content with the same page title. The Link name for the page may be different, but it's the Page Title field that is the same that is causing the issue. Once you find the page with the duplicate page title, you can either delete the wrong page or simply change the page title. Then, you can clear the HURL cache to regenerate the HURLs for the site and the correct page should appear for the HURL. See the steps below for clearing the HURL cache.

Finding a Link with Missing or Wrong URL Parameters
This is usually a tougher issue to find because the system found the wrong link first and the link could be in one or many different locations of the site. This wrong link could be in the content of another page, such as in the body of a web page, embedded in a page or module layout in Green, or a duplicate menu item or missing submenu value somewhere in the Menus module. It is just a matter of it being the first link that the system found when generating the HURL to that content.

The first place to look is in the Menus module, especially if the issue with the HURL is resulting in a missing or wrong submenu appearing with the content. To fix this, you need make sure you set a submenu value for each menu item on the site. To do this, go to the Menus module, edit each menu, edit each menu item and make sure you have entered a unique value in the Submenu Name field. Then, you can clear the HURL cache to regenerate the HURLs for the site and the correct submenu should appear for the HURL. See the steps below for clearing the HURL cache.

If that does not fix the issue, you should use the Link Checker in the Tools module of the Green interface to view all the embedded links on the site. When you go there, you can see many of the links of the site and see the full link path for each link. Often, you can find one link that may be missing a parameter or even be pointing to the wrong page altogether. Once you have located the link, go to the source of the link, edit the link to the correct values, then reset the HURL cache and test again.

Clearing the HURL Cache
Once you have made changes and want to test to see if the changes have fixed the HURL issue, you will usually need to clear the HURL cache in order for the change to take affect. To do this:

  1. Go to the Green interface and go to the Tools module.
  2. On the first tab, which is the Toolbox tab, click the Clear Database/Human Readable URL Cache button.

The cache will be cleared and you can test to see if the HURL is now showing the appropriate content or formatting.