How do I create a quick & simple Newsletter (Email Marketing) signup form?

May 22, 2014 5:47 pm

If you would like to create a simple signup form to allow Users to subscribe to a specific Email Marketing Campaign but only have to provide their Email address here is how you do it:

Note: We always recommend using the reCAPTCHA field to avoid spam submissions.

1) First you will go to Blue > Forms > Web Forms

2) Create your Newsletter Signup form: We're going to call it Newsletter_Signup

3) Add a new Field:

Field Type: Custom - Textbox
Unique ID: Email
Input Method: Textbox
Label: Email Address (example)
Required: Yes
Alert Message: Please enter a valid email address.

4) Add a new Field:

Field Type: Email Marketing
Unique ID: Based_On_Value
Input Method: Hidden
Value: ** The Value is the actual Category/List (Email Marketing > Categories) that you want the user to subscribe to **

So for example, if you have a category (list) in the Email Marketing > Categories tab "Newsletter" you would then set the value to: Newsletter

Then, when users fill out the form they will be added to the Email Campaign list, Newsletter.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a Newsletter Signup form!


One idea you could do is embed this form using our Embed Forms widget. For example:

1) Go to Green > Layouts > Widgets > Add a new Widget > Add Embed Form

2) Name it 'newsletter_signup' (for example)

3) Select the form you created in the steps above > [x] Use jQuery > Save

NOTE: If you use jQuery to submit the form via AJAX you need to make sure that you have the jQuery Include (or at least the jQuery library) within the <head> of your Page Layout.

Once you have created your Embed Form widget and you have the jQuery libraries in your page layout you can use the Freedom Tag to call the form. For example: [[widget.newsletter_signup]] would be the tag you would use.