Canonical Link Elements in Freedom

Jul 17, 2014 10:50 am

As of Freedom version 9.4, we have a added an include for canonical link elements, which can be inserted in to the <head> section of a page layout and will prevent duplicate content problems with search engines.

About Canonical Link Elements
If a single page of content can be accessed from multiple URLs, such as a HURLed and non-HURLed URL, search engines may consider this two separate pages, which can have a negative effect on SEO.

The Canonical Link Element tells the search engine that the pages are the same, and which of them is the original.

Setting Them Up
In Freedom, edit your site's page layouts and insert the new include into the <head> section.

1. Place your cursor in the <head> section of the page layout
2. Click on the "Insert a Variable" icon in the toolbar
3. Select [[Meta_Canonical]] from the list to insert it into the layout:

On your live website, this will render:

<link rel="canonical" href="*HURL url for current page*" />

It will render only if:
1. HURLs are turned on
2. The request is a GET method
3. The requested URL is a Freedom link, i.e. index.php?src=module&srctype=display&id=1
4. The Freedom URL can be translated to a HURL

To prevent duplicate content issues with the homepage, we've also added a feature where index.php?src= links will be rewritten as /, and will be treated as a link to the homepage.