Google's 'PageSpeed Insights' tool

Jun 29, 2014 10:11 am

While poking around online I came across Google's 'PageSpeed Insights' tool. What is this? From their about page, they say "PageSpeed Insights analyzes the content of a web page, then generates suggestions to make that page faster."
Try it on your site here:

More info:
The PageSpeed Score ranges from 0 to 100 points. A higher score is better and a score of 85 or above indicates that the page is performing well. Please note that PageSpeed Insights is being continually improved and so the score will change as we add new rules or improve our analysis. The full 'About' page is here:

Jun 30, 2014 10:01 am

Hi William!

That looks like it's a similar website to Basically it loads your page and analyzes things such as:

  • How many connections are being made while loading the page
  • Load times for each image, JavaScript file, CSS file, etc.
  • How optimized your images are
  • etc.

These sites are merely suggestions for web developers to consider while developing websites to help achieve maximum performance/optimization of your site. However, they are still dependent on a user's network connection. i.e.- If a user has slower internet speeds the site will load slower than a user who has more bandwidth. As Google States:

"However, since the performance of a network connection varies considerably, PageSpeed Insights only considers the network-independent aspects of page performance: the server configuration, the HTML structure of a page, and its use of external resources such as images, JavaScript, and CSS. Implementing the suggestions should improve the relative performance of the page. However, the absolute performance of the page will still be dependent upon a userís network connection."

Great find!