Understanding a PHP Hash extensions error

May 26, 2014 4:16 pm

So you see a red PHP Hash extensions error on your home module:

 There is an problem with your server setup.
  Please contact support to correct the following problems:
  * PHP Hash extension is not enabled

What should you do?

  • When Accrisoft manages the server:
    Send a quick email to support@accrisoft.com that includes your company's name and the server the site is on.
  • When you manage the server:
    Log into the server and turn on the PHP hash extension in your php.ini* configuration file.
    Then restart apache.

If you are managing your own Verio VPS server, you can upgrade PHP and turn extensions on and off using the 'vinstall' utility. For example, to upgrade to the latest version of PHP 5.2, type 'vinstall php5.2' and then turn on the extensions you need interactively.
*The location of the php.ini configuration file varies from server to server. If you do not know where the configuration file is located, use the command 'php -i | less' to find where the configuration file (or files) are located.

Why is this error on my installation of Freedom?

As Freedom changes and new features are added, there are times when extensions were not previously required. PHP is also constantly being upgraded, so with new versions of PHP and Freedom, certain PHP extensions may need to be turned on.