Taking a Site Live

May 18, 2014 9:37 pm

To take a website live, there are two basic steps:

Make sure that the server is set up correctly using the Domains module
Point the domain to the server where the website is located
Step 1 is done using the Domains Module in the Green Interface. On the first tab, called Domain Names, you can see what the site's primary URL is set to:

In many cases, it will already be set to your site's primary domain name, even if the site has not yet been taken live. This is alright, because Freedom checks regularly to see whether the domain is pointing to the server. If it's not, it will use the "Default URL," which is an asoft number (i.e. $2). In other words, even if you are not ready to take your site live, you can set the future primary URL.

The graphical indicator just after the URL displays whether or not the primary domain is currently pointing to this website: A green checkmark indicates that it is, and a red exclamation point that it is not. Freedom checks hourly to see whether the primary domain is pointing to the site.

Step 2 consists of updating your domain's DNS, and this is done with your domain registrar, the place where you registered your domain. To point the domain to your Freedom website, point its A (Host) Record to the IP address of the server, which is displayed in Freedom's Domains module:

Here are instructions for updating a domain's DNS with a couple of the most popular domain registrars:

Network Solutions

How long it takes for the domain to begin pointing to the Freedom server depends on what the TTL (time to live) setting is on the domain. (Shorter TTLs will update more quickly.)