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Accrisoft Freedom's built-in modules allow you to build powerful, up-to-date websites without worrying about integrating plug-ins or custom programming. Click on a module below for a description.

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Lead Nurturing


The Lead Nurturing Module

The Lead Nurturing module turns your Accrisoft Freedom website into an effective digital marketing tool that generates leads, provides them with a personalized experience, and tracks them throughout the sales process until they become customers.

This module automatically interacts with leads via email messages, allowing you to scale the lead generation process and focus your sales efforts on high-value prospects.

This module is also tightly integrated with your existing Accrisoft Freedom website, which means that you can see where on your site leads are going, and what they’re doing. This knowledge of your leads’ behavior makes it easier to close deals and modify your website for optimal conversion rates.

This module lets you build chains of automated email responses, which get sent on a schedule you determine. With each step in the response chain, you can determine what to do next; this means you can segment leads by their interest, for example by moving people who have expressed interest into a different response chain than people who have not responded -- eventually, the high-value leads will bubble to the top.

This module also tracks your leads’ activity on your website via cookies, so you can see what parts of your website your leads are visiting, and whether they’re returning to your site, which can help you better organize your site’s content to attract leads toward high-value behaviors.



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