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Accrisoft Freedom's built-in modules allow you to build powerful, up-to-date websites without worrying about integrating plug-ins or custom programming. Click on a module below for a description.

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Trouble Ticket


The Trouble Ticket Module

The Trouble Ticket Module is designed to help you add, manage, and fix problems. As issues are identified, you and your customers should add new issues to the Trouble Ticket Module. You can then use this module to identify, fix, and communicate solutions for each issue through this module. This will help increase communications as well as reduce the time between communications on individual updates.

When you or a customer finds a problem with the site, instead of simply calling or emailing an administrator, who could forget the information or lose track of it, the Trouble Ticket allows you to store and organize the problem in a module specified for keeping track of these issues and making sure they are corrected. Input from customers will no longer be lost or not responded to, and you can set the importance of an issue to make sure that the most pressing problems are taken care of first. This module also makes sure problems get taken care of by assigning them to specific people. That way, someone in the organization is made responsible for the issue, which assures that each issue is properly addressed. All of the information entered into this module is stored forever, allowing you to go back and see which issues have been corrected and which ones are still awaiting an administrator's attention.

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