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Accrisoft Freedom's built-in modules allow you to build powerful, up-to-date websites without worrying about integrating plug-ins or custom programming. Click on a module below for a description.

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The FAQs Module

The FAQs Module lets you create a list of frequently-asked questions and answers on an Accrisoft Freedom website. This is a useful feature for many sites, because FAQs provide answers the most commonly-asked questions, saving valuable time for your support staff.


Chances are, most of the questions that customers or visitors to your site will ask have already been asked multiple times by other visitors. FAQ pages encourage users to look for their answers in the FAQ list rather than immediately contacting support. This saves your support staff for unique questions that can't easily be answered, or haven't been asked before.


This module generates a page with the frequently asked questions listed at the top. When a visitor clicks on a question, his/her browser window is automatically scrolled down to the section of the page which lists the answer. The FAQs module sorts FAQ lists in categories. This lets you create separate FAQs for the same site. For example, you could create a category for Sales and a category for Customer Support. As you add different FAQ questions and answers to the site, you can categorize them to appear in either the Sales FAQ or the Customer Support FAQ.

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