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Accrisoft Freedom's built-in modules allow you to build powerful, up-to-date websites without worrying about integrating plug-ins or custom programming. Click on a module below for a description.

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The Affiliates Module

The Affiliates Module allows your clients to set up affiliate programs with other websites. An affiliate program is a system in which other sites drive traffic to your site and receive commission, either per visit, per click or as a percentage of commerce orders placed by referred customers. These programs benefit both the referring site, with a commission, and your site, with increased traffic or commerce.

This module integrates with the Membership module and allows you to configure your commission arrangements with partner sites and keep track of how much you owe each. This module can be a valuable tool, both for commercial and non-commercial sites by generating increased traffic as well as revenue. An affiliate program is more cost-effective than other types of advertising because you only pay affiliates a commission when their referral generates an actual sale or a visit to your site, rather than paying for advertising regardless of how effective it is.

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