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To increase the availability of its websites, Accrisoft offers a mirrored server configuration for servers on the AccriCloud hosting platform, which can help ensure that a website can be quickly restored in the event of hardware-based server outage.


The following points describe what is offered by this product:

  • This offer is good for Freedom Unlimited licenses only
  • The entire Freedom installation is replicated to a redundant server
  • This second server is physically separate and identical
  • This server is on the same network and datacenter
  • The network is fully-redundant
  • The second server is live at all times, but sits idle (“warm standby”)
  • Data replication takes place every 24 hours
  • In the event of an outage to the primary server, the DNS must be switched over manually to point to the redundant server. This should be done by the customer, or whomever controls the DNS for the website's domain


For a redundant server at the same data center, there is no upcharge for this feature; you only need to purchase a second Freedom license equivalent to the primary site.

For added protection, there's also an option for the redundant server to be located at a remote data center. The total cost of the offsite redundant server solution, which includes both the primary server and the offsite redundant server, is 3.5x the original price.

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