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The Accrisoft Freedom Finance Application allows you to manage revenue and collections. Whether you’re selling an annual membership, event registration, sponsorship, or physical product, this application has the tools you need to create orders, generate invoices, view overdue statements, process payments, and generate financial reports.

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Learn about each of the modules below


This module allows you to add custom products and organize products by category. Then you can easily create the order and generate an invoice. There’s also the option to set up recurring billing for items such as membership payments.


Next, in the Invoices module, you can view all invoices and effortlessly send them by email or regular mail. You can also generate pro forma invoices for those transactions that are not considered final until payment is received.


The Collections module provides you with a dashboard view of all of the monies owed by each customer and the number of days that all monies have been outstanding. In addition to tracking how much you are owed, you can also view all invoices, payments, and notes.


There are several ways to accept and record payments for an invoice: you can store members’ credit cards and process payment automatically; you can manually process a credit card payment; or, if you receive a mailed check, you can reconcile it against an invoice. The Payments module also gives you the ability to issue refunds, add credit memos, track in-kind trades, and receive notifications of expired credit cards.


This module provides a view of every invoice generated, every payment processed, every voided invoice, and every credit memo. You can generate custom reports based on income by customer. The Deferred Revenue feature allows you to recognize revenue at a later date for items like memberships, events, and any other items you wish to postpone in your accounting.

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