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  • Check it Out! Charlotte Regional Business Alliance is Featured in Chamber Executive

    The Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) recently published an article highlighting Charlotte Regional Business Alliance’s proactive marketing approach during the COVID-19 health crisis. 

  • COVID-19: 5 Free Work-From-Home Apps to Use

    Working from home is the new normal for many people during the health crisis. Various platforms and apps have begun to offer or extend free trial periods so users and companies can host meetings, webinars and conference calls virtually. We have compiled a list of 5 free apps you can start using today to help you during this work-from-home period. 

  • COVID-19: Leveraging Social Media For Your Nonprofit, Part 2

    In our previous post, “COVID-19: Leveraging Social Media For Your Nonprofit, Part 1”, we discussed how to set your nonprofit up for success using social media during the pandemic. In this part 2 article, we want to showcase examples of nonprofits that are being creative with social media to engage their audience.

  • COVID-19: Why Your Nonprofit Needs to Utilize Email Marketing

    It’s paramount to communicate regularly to your members through email marketing during the health crisis to keep them informed and engaged. The most important thing to keep in mind before writing or sending an email campaign right now is to ensure you are producing high-value content to your members. Because let’s face it, all of our inboxes are being bombarded right now with message after message regarding COVID-19. You want your members to keep your nonprofit top of mind while there cannot be in-person gatherings, and you want your content to be of value. How do you do that exactly?

  • COVID-19: How to Use Landing Pages to Keep Your Members Updated

    Many nonprofits have quickly created a COVID-19 landing page on their website. This page can be regularly updated during the health crisis to provide members with information about local and state government recommendations, business, workplace, health and advocacy resources, employment opportunities and community outreach.

  • COVID-19: Update Members through Blogging and News Articles

    Right now, every nonprofit, Chamber of Commerce and organization has had to shut their doors, cancel events and adapt to a new normal. Many nonprofits are using the news module or blog feature on their website to post information about resources, employment opportunities and local government news. In the third part of our “COVID 19: 6 Things to Know and Do” series, we are showcasing examples of 4 nonprofits using a news module and/or blog to keep their site visitors and members up-to-date as information develops.

  • COVID-19: 6 Things to Know and Do

    We are all living and working in a time of the unknown. These are uncharted waters for everyone and our hope is to be a resource to help nonprofits navigate through this time. We wanted to create ongoing resources that your nonprofit can turn to best utilize its website, digital marketing and social media to communicate to members during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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