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5 Reasons You Should Be Using A Content Management System

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Content Management System (CMS)Today, I'm beginning a new blog series on Content Management Systems (CMS). I realize that many of you already understand the purpose of CMS. And that, at first glance, this series may not jump out at you as a must-read.

But remember that your website is the centerpiece of your entire internet marketing strategy—and your CMS is the heart of your website. So doesn’t it make sense to spend some time to really understand the software that’s ultimately driving your entire internet marketing strategy?

I certainly think so! That's why today's blog post is about 5 reasons why you should be using a content management system.

But first, let's begin with the basics...


What Is A CMS?

As I mentioned in a previous post, a CMS “is software that stores your website content, enables easy editing for novice web administrators, and allows multiple web administrators to log in to a single system and collaborate on updating your website.”

CMS works like this: your website development company does the complicated work of actually building your site into the CMS…then they hand you the keys, and you have the ability to add and update content as you please.


5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using A CMS

1) You can update your website on your own terms.

Let’s say you wanted to quickly add an event or image to one of your web pages. If your website was hand-coded by a third-party web development company, you’d have to ask them to add the item. Rather than being held hostage by your web development company, a CMS cuts out the middle man and enables YOU to update and edit the content of your website. You’ll gain the ability to make your website more dynamic, more to-the-minute, and more valuable to your visitors.

2) No HTML knowledge? No problem!

Your CMS will come with a WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get). If you know how to create a simple document in Microsoft Word, you’ll have no problem using your CMS to create web pages, blog posts, news articles and emails.

3) Redesigning your website won’t require a complete site overhaul.

With sites that are built on a CMS, the design is created separately from the content. So when you’re ready to change the look of your site, the old design can be lifted off and replaced with a new design with no problems.

4) Access the most up-to-date web functionality.

Any CMS worth its salt will provide users with frequent upgrades, as well as training tools on how to use new functionality. Many proprietary CMS will also come with a support team that users can call or email.

5) Manage your entire internet marketing strategy under one roof.

The best CMS will include everything you need to implement an integrative online strategy. Most CMS will include tools for SEO, email marketing, social media marketing and blogging. You can also use a CMS to create event registration forms, collect fees and donations, and store member information. 


There are plenty of options when it comes to selecting a CMS for your organization. At Accrisoft, we provide our customers with Accrisoft Freedom™ CMS, but other companies might develop websites with Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or another software. Regardless of which platform you choose, building your website on a CMS is the right choice.


Up Next: Free vs. Paid CMS

Now that you know why using a CMS is so important, its time to start shopping around for the CMS that will best suit your organization. The first step to selecting a CMS is determining whether you want to use an open source (free) or proprietary (paid) software. If you think the answer is obvious, think again. Come back next week to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each of these CMS approaches.


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