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Welcome to the Accrisoft Blog. The purpose of this collection is to share our team's domain expertise with you to help you make the best website, digital marketing, and software decisions for your organization. We have decades of experience working with Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development Organizations, JCCs, Real Estate Associations, and Nonprofits. Our blog is regularly updated to featured new content to keep you and your organization at the forefront of technology. Because let's face it: The internet is the fastest growing industry ever known to mankind. It has completely changed the way that we all run our businesses and organizations, and there's no going back. With that being said, it is essential to adapt to this rapidly changing environment. While the internet has made our operations processes easier, the web is still a complex being that requires guidance, knowledge, and expertise. That is where we at Accrisoft come in to help guide the way. 

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  • 5 Simple Ways to Persuade Your Board to Purchase a New Membership Management Software

    Any plan is only as good as your ability to execute it. Without board approval for the purchase of a new membership management software, your plans to promote the long-term viability of your organization are all but dead in the water. It stands to reason, though, that your board is as invested in organizational growth as you are, which is a good thing!

    That common ground likely means that board members will be open to proposals that put your organization on the path to continued or renewed success. Presenting your desired membership management software using the following 5 steps should make adoption and investment a no-brainer.

  • How to Budget for a New Membership Management Software

    The final (and likely selling) point of your board presentation revolves around the estimated cost of the prospective membership management software. Now it’s time to move beyond estimations and get down to brass tax. The following 4 steps will put you and your organization on the path to a manageable budget and organizational growth.

  • How to Write a Request For Proposal for a New Membership Management Software

    You’ve secured board approval. You’ve set a workable budget. What’s left to do? See if anyone wants to do business with you, of course! How might one do that, exactly? Crafting a solid Request for Proposal (RFP) is a good start. Including the following 4 sections in your RFP will go a long way in introducing your organization and its expectations effectively.

  • JCC

    5 Website Enhancements to Help Your JCC Succeed in 2020

    With the end of the year quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to map out next year’s website and marketing budget for your JCC. Simple, yet strategic upgrades to your JCC website can yield a great success for online member engagement. We have compiled a list of 5 website enhancements to better serve your members and help your JCC grow.

  • 6 Website Tools to Boost Your REALTORĀ® Association Website

    Your website is the digital first impression of your REALTOR® association. It should be a vast resource, provide excellent functionality, and offer simple navigation to engage visitors while on the site and encourage them to return. If you’re finding that your association website needs a little more pep, we’ve curated our 6 favorite features to help give it a boost in the new year. 


  • EDO

    The Best Economic Development Websites of 2020

    A new year ahead brings another opportunity for us to showcase Economic Development websites that knock it out of the park in terms of design, functionality, user-experience and navigation. Take a look at the top sites we believe set the standard for being the best.

  • Top 10 Association Websites 2019

    We're more than half way through the year, and already we've seen many redesigned websites hit the center stage around the web. As you all know, each year we like to scour the far reaches of the internet and find the best association websites to promote out to the world in our nationally recognized blog. Read on to find out who we chose this year...

  • The Best Real Estate Association Websites of 2019

    Each year we search the web for the top Real Estate Association websites that truly raise the bar. We rank these sites based on a variety of factors including design, navigation, user-experience, and functionality. This year, we've rounded up ten of (what we consider) the best Real Estate Association websites that meet our tough ranking criteria - take a look!

  • EDO

    The Best Economic Development Websites of 2019

    Last week we released our Top Chamber Websites of 2019 blog post - a yearly post that gets quite a bit of attention. Today, after many requests, we are releasing an additional post focusing on the Economic Development sector.

    And with that, we invite you to read on, to learn about the Top Economic Development websites of 2019!

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