Clarksville-Montgomery County Launches 4 New Websites To Support Existing Businesses and Attract New Industries

Published: Monday, October 5, 2020 | Tags: Case Study, chambers of commerce, economic development, new website launch, Website Design

Please join us in congratulating Clarksville-Montgomery County on the launch of their 4 brand-new websites: Clarksville Area Chamber of Commerce, Clarksville Economic Development Council, Clarksville Industrial Development Board and Aspire Clarksville Foundation

Each of these websites uses the same design yet they are branded differently for each organization. Clarksville-Montgomery County is able to manage the content and components for each organization using one platform with Accrisoft’s Freedom Software. We wanted to highlight some of the top features on each site.

Clarksville Area Chamber of Commerce

There is a unique hero image section on the homepage. Each slider uses multiple images or a single video. There is a strategic usage of shapes and boxes with offset arrows on the right and left side, which is unique from traditional homepage hero image sliders.

The top menu navigation has links to the 5 partnership websites along with a site search bar and a translation tool with 6 different language options.

Clarksville Economic Development Council

Scrolling testimonials are featured on the homepage of the Partnership’s site with personalized stories of how Clarksville Economic Development Council is supporting existing businesses and maintaining high standards of living with arts, entertainment and hospitality.

A popup box with a call-to-action appears on the homepage and interior pages for site visitors to have the opportunity to learn more about the Clarksville-Montgomery County area.

Clarksville Industrial Development Board

On the homepage of the Clarksville Industrial Development Board and throughout the site, icons are displayed as fun call-to-actions for users to visit an interior page to learn more and check out important data. 



Under Clarksville Rankings and Recognitions interior page, there are more bright icons displayed which take users to a separate landing page with more information about the community, business climate, education and more. Also on this page are dropdown drawers with more Rankings and Recognitions data.

Aspire Clarksville Foundation

The final, brand-new website is the Aspire Clarksville Foundation, which serves all investors as a collaborative mechanism that pulls together the collective leadership of the private and public sectors in order to stimulate strategic economic growth. On the homepage under the About Aspire Clarksville section are more graphic icons with facts featured in bold typography about the Clarksville-Montgomery County region. There is also a grid with four photos that users can hover over and click to be taken to a separate page to learn more about Global Business Development, Tourism Development, Community Development, and Marketing and Communications. 


Best of all, Clarksville-Montgomery County manages it all with Accrisoft Freedom, our all-in-one website and membership management software. They can manage their website content, marketing tactics, events, news, members, and more, all in one place. This eliminates workarounds and removes the juggling of multiple accounts and software systems to accomplish a single task. Get in touch to learn more about how Accrisoft Freedom can help your organization.

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