OneSpartanburg, Inc., the first consolidated business, economic and tourism development organization in South Carolina, launches new website with Accrisoft

Published: Wednesday, September 9, 2020 | Tags: chamber of commerce, economic development, new website launch, Website Design

Please join us in congratulating OneSpartanburg, Inc. on the launch of their brand new website. This new organization was formed by the merging of the Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce, the Spartanburg Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Spartanburg Economic Futures Group in order to maximize their community's investment. Their vibrant new website is a reflection of their dedication to Spartanburg County residents and businesses. Below we will share some of the top highlights from their site.


Upon visiting the homepage, you will see that OneSpartanburg displays a hero slider that includes a combination of videos and images from around their region. Each slide features a call-to-action button for visitors to learn more about their impact, recovery effort and re-introducing their newly formed organization. In the top right corner of the homepage in the utility menu, there is a language selector with more than 100 language translation options. 


OneSpartanburg uses a mega menu option to display their navigation. This expandable menu displays interior pages and content in a large, two-dimensional dropdown layout. 


The use of their logo is shown on the homepage as a background image with bold font typography and bright colored blocks to display important information such as ‘Vision Plan’ and ‘Business Resources.’



Scroll down on the homepage and you will find an interactive statistics counter that loads when you stop on this section of the site. Each statistic has a call-to-action button that links to more information about the data. 



Hop on over to ‘About Us’ page and to find an embedded video about OneSpartanburg and meet the different teams spearheading this organization’s efforts. The Pages Module in Accrisoft Freedom allows OneSpartanburg to display unique components throughout their site. A component is a panel of information that is displayed in a custom format. Examples of components include the colored blocks with imagery and text, two-column sections and embedded videos. 



The 'Data Center' page includes interactive reports and tons of statistics with links in an easy-to-read format.



The unique ‘Find a Board Member’ page allows visitors to search by skill set or interest to find a potential board member, committee member, or even a potential employee. Each board member has a headshot, bio, skillset, and service interest displayed along with their title and email address.



Employment statistics, job forecasts, wages, demographics, and other labor market information are beautifully displayed on the ‘Workforce’ page. There are embedded graphics and statistics along with bright colors and bold typography to display this key information.


Best of all, One Spartanburg, Inc. manages it all with Accrisoft Freedom. Now they can manage their website content, marketing tactics, events, news, and more all in one place.

If you're interested in integrating any of these design, navigation or functionality features onto your Chamber of Commerce or Economic Development Organization’s website, please reach out to us and someone from our team will be in contact with you.

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