Cascade Employers Association Launches a New Website with Freedom Membership Software to Create an Engaging Member Experience

Published: Thursday, August 20, 2020 | Tags: Associations, Membership Management Software, Total Software Solution, website, Website Design

Cascade Employers Association is not only building better workplaces, they are innovatively creating an incredible member experience through the launch of their brand-new, fully integrated website. 

COVID-19 has changed the requirements of Associations, demanding technology that accommodates a virtual presence for events and conferences, and that websites are responsive and intuitive to members’ needs. Cascade Employers Association is a phenomenal example of an organization that has their website, marketing, membership, finance and sales CRM all native to one total software solution. We wanted to highlight the top features on their site and congratulate this Association on their investment to their members. 

Website Design and User Experience

Without a doubt, Cascade Employers Association has a beautifully, custom-designed website. The unique design features overlapping geometric elements and shapes. A hero video autoplays on the homepage. Their main navigation is listed twice on the homepage, traditionally on the top of the hero video, as well as beneath it with icons, a description and a call-to-action to learn more. This is very well-thought-out to help their members (and potential constituents) navigate the website. Each primary navigation menu option has a landing page that has been customized and carefully crafted. 


Just below the fold of the page is a standout resource guide for all things COVID-19 related. The events lister on the homepage also showcases all upcoming events with a brief description of the events.



Upon landing on the COVID-19 Resources page, you will see how all the information is categorized by topics and resources. This landing page is packed with valuable information including alerts, FAQs, resources, survey data and guidance to navigate through recovery.



Cascade Employers Association also has surveys, posters and more for purchase on their website. Users can search for items, custom the quantity count, their type and company size before adding to their cart and checking out. 



The Pages Module in Accrisoft Freedom allows Cascade to display unique components throughout their site. A component is a panel of information that is displayed in a custom format. Examples of components include the colored block with the headline Membership that is left adjusted with an image right adjusted, as well as the icons displaying the sub-navigation with calls-to-action.


The Membership section on this Association’s website is extremely noteworthy. On the Membership Benefits and Options page, there is an auto calculator to help prospective members calculate their dues based on the number of full-time employees. The FAQ page has drawers that dropdown the answer to each question. Questions can also be answered by typing into the search by the FAQ page. 


The Upcoming Trainings page is also extremely interactive. Users can search for trainings by categories and view upcoming events by a list or calendar view. The training registration page shows non-member pricing, and automatically shows member pricing if a member logins. The registration page also allows users to link the event to their calendar. 


Total Software Solution 

Cascade Employers Association eliminated the use of third-party software, exporting and importing various data and using multiple logins by simplifying to one total software solution. Using one software system encourages staff and member usage and efficiency. Built on Amazon Web Services and using top-tier technology, Cascade Employers Association is hosted through the cloud and uses the latest security features including facial recognition and blockchain. Another feature this Association can access through Freedom is a dynamic industrial data search that segments search results by members, events, invoices, web pages, pages and directory items.  


Operations/Membership Management 

Members can find great synergy with your organization if you give them the proper tools. With the Membership application, Cascade is able to manage their events, member profiles/accounts, dues, business directory, contact databases, and sign-up forms of all types.

Finance Application

The Finance application strengthens your existing accounting software without replacing it. This application provides end-to-end invoices, collects payments, creates invoices, receives dues, and the sales subsidiary ledger provides financial reporting.



Improving member engagement through a great online and marketing experience is one of the most important objectives for Associations. Cascade Employers Association is using the Marketing tool from Accrisoft Freedom to create and schedule campaigns, manage lists and subscribers and view analytics. The other marketing capabilities of this application include creating surveys, polling members and lead generation to nurture high-value prospects.


Sales CRM 

Your members and customers are your golden egg. The Sales application used by Cascade Employers Association allows them to attract new members, manage the sales pipeline, create new leads, set custom stages, and track the sales process from start to finish. They can also track member data, segment customers into groups and establish sales targets. 


Nontechnical Reporting 

Collecting data and reporting is part of the daily routine for Associations. Using nontechnical reporting allows staff members to pull reports on dues and segment information about members. 


If you’re interested in launching a website or total software solution like Cascade Employers Association, please reach out to us and someone from Accrisoft will be in touch with you. 

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