2020 Website Design Trends: Illustrations, Photography with Graphics, and Videos/Animations

Published: Tuesday, July 14, 2020 | Tags: Associations, nonprofit, Website Design

In our latest blog series, we’re sharing the Top Website Design Trends of 2020. We know that nonprofits, associations, and real estate associations work hard to continuously keep and attract new members. Your website should be a resource that helps your organization grow. One way to improve member engagement is with a great online experience. We hope that these website design trends inspire you and offer some new ideas of elements that can be used on your nonprofit’s site.

This design trends post is all about visuals – illustrations, photography with graphics, video hero images, and animation. Each of these design themes adds a unique touch to a website. Check out these curated examples below for inspiration.


Using a custom illustration style is an excellent way to make a brand stand out. They can transform what would be an ordinary website into an extraordinary user experience.

Involved Illustrations

Pairing the illustrations with a bit of animation really helps grab attention and can be used as another way to communicate with your visitors. Animated illustrations are great as a supplementary tool to text, and are often better at illustrating and communicating when used as more subtle and secondary features instead of the main one.


Abstract Illustrations

Digital illustrations have taken center stage over the past few years. In 2019, we saw a boom of illustrations. All large companies introduced illustrations in their visual language. In the second example, Google is using a more playful illustration to evoke emotion into their website.

Photography with Graphics

Overlapping original graphics on top of real photographs create a memorable visual effect.

Video Hero Images and Animations

Hero Video Headers

“Show, don’t tell” is a foundational principle of good product design. Imagery plays a crucial role in visual design because it helps the designers to deliver the main idea quickly.

For a long time, web designers have had to use static imagery to convey their main idea. But the situation has changed. High-speed connections make it much easier for web designers to turn their home pages into immersive movie-style experiences. 

Scroll-Generated Websites

Video homepage hero images and scroll-generated websites add an extra layer of meaning into existing content and make it more memorable for users.

Dark Mode and User Generated Animation


Keep a lookout for our bonus trends post next week, 2020 Website Design Trends: Menus and Forms. If you’re looking to redesign your website or have questions about incorporating any of these design trends onto your site, reach out to us and someone from our team will get in contact with you.

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